What’s Your Opinion?

I had an idea! Normally I post on my blog about all kinds of random things. (It's true - check out some of my old posts! Wait. Don't. Some of them are weird.) 😂 But what do you want to see on my blog? Do you like when I post stories, or updates, or random,... Continue Reading →

The Healing Pain

It's time to share a short story! This is one I wrote a few months ago, just for fun. Enjoy! Nothing, not even my mother's warning, could have prepared me for what I saw when I stepped outside the door. It wasn't their weary bodies, with the ragged clothes that hung on their backs, or... Continue Reading →

Character Interview: Mizuko

Here comes the promised interview with the main character of Oxygen, my current work-in-progress. Meet Mizuko Mizuko: *walks in the room awkwardly, with hands in his pockets* Interviewer: Hello there, Mizuko! Or, should I say hola? Mizuko: *hesitantly takes a seat* No, I don't really speak palace dialect—I mean, Spanish. Interviewer: Alright, then. Well, I... Continue Reading →

The Sunshine Blogger Award #2

Another tag! I love them—they're so fun! Thanks for tagging me, Archer! Rules: Thank the blogger who nominated you.Display your award.Answer the questions you were asked.Nominate 5 bloggers.Ask 6 new questions.Let your nominees know they were nominated. Awesome, let's get started! Questions: 1. What's your favourite character trope? *runs to the writing community to ask... Continue Reading →

RED49: The Power of Fire

That title. *shivers* I still have no idea what just happened in the past month. It feels like a year since I was writing on this blog, saying I'd be taking a little break from blogging. And I don't think that I could've picked a better time to have an interlude, even though I didn't... Continue Reading →


Hey! I wanted to pop on here and let you all know that I started working again, and so far I've been pretty busy with it. I won't be able to post next Wednesday (unless I surprise myself by finding some extra time lying around somewhere). 😉 Possibly, in August, I'll be able to post... Continue Reading →

A Writer’s Guide to Camping

Rewind years back, people wrote on paper. And now, a lot of us write on computers. Because it's easier. My goal these past few months has been to write 100 words a day, every day. But what about when you leave wifi? Go camping? Traveling? (These are weird problems, but they are real.) You still... Continue Reading →

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