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How To Write Helpful Posts Using This Simple (Free) Checklist

Let’s be honest. Do you feel unworthy to help other people become better writers? Do you feel nervous when you post writing-related things on your blog, hoping to help other writers? For me, I felt WAY TOO NEW to be giving advice.

Up until a few days ago, I believed I couldn’t—and most certainly should not—write many blog posts about writing tips or marketing, because um, I’m not the best writer in the world. I didn’t feel like I should give advice because I’m still learning too.

If you resonate with this, understand that you can actually write powerful, helpful posts for your readers! I’ll show you exactly how to do so in a few steps, and make sure to grab your copy of the checklist down below. Let’s hop in!

First of all, stop believing you have to master something before you can help others.

Simply put, this is just not true. We as Christians walk alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ, drawing closer to God, even though we aren’t perfect (and never will be). We don’t wait until we’ve learned everything about God—we would wait forever.

We can pave the way for others. Think about someone who has taught you something; maybe a coach, mentor or parent. They didn’t know everything when they taught you things. They hadn’t completely mastered the art. But they had more knowledge and experience than you, which helped pave the way for you to learn more.

Maybe you know a great method for creating a riveting plot! Don’t wait until it’s perfect—you can share that knowledge now and help the people who are struggling in that area.

Understand who your readers are and what they struggle with.

You have an audience. I am mainly writing this towards writers and bloggers, but even if you don’t have a blog, you have an audience. Little siblings, friends. Maybe you don’t have a blog or a classroom or a stadium. But there are people who are watching you, seeing your experiments and results. Someone looks up to you for something. You can be an inspiration! If you have a blog, look at your followers and think. What are they interested in? What do they need help with? Maybe it’s writing, baking, or perhaps it’s growing a closer relationship with Christ. Your audience watches you for a reason—find out what they seek.

Come up with three things that have helped you grow in that area.

What’s your method? What have you learned throughout your journey?

Everyone is searching for better ways to do things. Once you know what your audience needs help with, brainstorm how you’ve grown in that area. How can you show others a better path? It doesn’t have to be the best path. Because you’re still searching for that yourself. We’re all on a journey. Where have you travelled?

Share with your audience.

We learn from other people’s mistakes. So let’s be honest and share our methods we’ve found that work WAY better. Then they don’t have to make the same mistakes! Yes, they’ll still make mistakes. Yet we can pave the way to make it better for them.

Now, are you ready for the promised downloadable checklist?! Spend some time on it and have fun! Don’t let that doubt overwhelm you. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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What areas are you good at? What do you think your audience needs help with? What’s something you learned recently that your audience could benefit from? Share in the comments below!


Alabama Rose

15 thoughts on “How To Write Helpful Posts Using This Simple (Free) Checklist

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  1. I’ve been struggling with feeling this way a lot lately, but your post really encouraged me. Thank you so much!!


  2. This is so true, Bama! I often feel like I should be perfect at something before I can teach someone else, but a while ago Derek reminded me of this very thing. I don’t have to be the best before I can teach other people. It really changed my perspective on things, and this is a good reminder. 🙂 Thanks!


      1. You have an awesome uncle. 😉 Granted, he’s basically like an uncle to me to, just not by blood. Haha


  3. This is so helpful! I definitely feel sometimes I can’t advised or help people as well because I’m such a newbie. But people can learn from a learning writer or blogger or whoever else. Seeing the journey is really useful and encouraging I’ve found.


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