The Healing Pain

It's time to share a short story! This is one I wrote a few months ago, just for fun. Enjoy! Nothing, not even my mother's warning, could have prepared me for what I saw when I stepped outside the door. It wasn't their weary bodies, with the ragged clothes that hung on their backs, or... Continue Reading →

A Taste of Sunshine (and a contest called Prompted)

Good morning everyone! Today I have a story... because I haven't shared one of my own stories for like ages and it's about time I be brave. So my friend Cassandra Hamm runs a contest called Prompted, and it's so fun! She gives prompts and then you write a short story and send it in.... Continue Reading →

My New Work-In-Progress

I've been working on a new story this month. I'm not sure how long it'll end up being or when I'll finish, but the process has been so fun! I wanted to share a clip with you guys. πŸ™‚ So far it's called Oxygen, and my main character is a boy named Mizuko. Here's a... Continue Reading →

Guest Post; A Fishy Tale

Today you get to meet my friend, Olivia! She agreed to do a guest post on my blog. πŸ˜ƒ First, a little backstory. We've known each other for years (pretty much since babies). This is a story of when she was hanging out at my house, and we were probably around nine at this point?... Continue Reading →

Orange Juice Mornings

Hey guys! I didn't really get around to writing up a nice post, so today I'll just tell you a little tale about meself. And I figured since I've been doing so many tags lately, it'll be a nice change. πŸ™‚ (I only have one tag left so far. That's coming next week.) NOW. *adjusts... Continue Reading →

Guest Post with Tia!

Good morning everyone! I would like to introduce my older sister, Tia. She doesn't blog much, but when she had an awesome adventure this summer she typed it up and I asked if she'd allow me to share it on my blog. So here we are! Her job in the summer is clearing trails. She... Continue Reading →

A Duel Duet

This story is one that I wrote for a Story Embers competition. My group and I came up with the idea, I wrote out the first draft, and they helped me edit it all out and everything. Enjoy! ~~~~~~~~~~ The door slammed shut with a loud bang, and I felt the table underneath me vibrate.... Continue Reading →

Prank Gone Wrong

One night my sister and I thought it'd be a good laugh to put a letter into someone's coat pocket while it was hanging on the coat racks at church... "We should write on it 'God thinks of you as His little princess!' and put it into a boy's coat!" I said to Tia. We... Continue Reading →

Facing The Cook’s Wrath

Have you ever had to face someone's fury no matter how much you DID NOT WANT TO???  It's horrible. Trust me. I'll tell you my story, and hopefully, you can take something from it today, and walk away with something new to think about. Or maybe its not new, maybe you've had to do something like this... Continue Reading →

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