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FREE Event for Young Writers

If you are a writer determined to push through your novel, but you’re just feeling stuck and annoyed…

do not go anywhere.

Because starting TODAY, a community just opened up for teen writers to get them out of their slump, called Crazy Writing Week. AND IT’S FREE.

This is the community that brought me to the Author program. First, I found out about CWW and joined, and wrote 24,360 words in one week. I thought that was impossible for me! But with the motivation and community inside of this awesome challenge, you can do it too. These are the people that have been my friends for the past year, guiding and encouraging me. I’m so thankful for meeting them inside of CWW and can’t imagine where I’d be at without them.

Don’t miss this opportunity to grow in your writing. In your passion.

I hope to see you inside! Go writers!

Join the community

8 thoughts on “FREE Event for Young Writers

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    1. Yess! I’m so glad you’re joining! Can’t wait to have you with us! šŸ™‚ Aww, that’s okay. ā¤ It is pretty overwhelming at first, but feel free to ask for help if you need it!

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