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Roller Coaster Life & Blog Pause

Life has been, well, it’s been life. Crazy, roller coaster ride, ups and downs.

As many of you know, I joined the Author program a few months ago. I’ve slowly been eliminating things in my life that have been taking up my time & adding stress, so I can have more focus on my work inside the program.

This blog has been SO fun to keep up and connect with all of you. But now I’m coming to a point where I want to become the best writer that I can be. And in order to focus on that, I need less distractions. Soooo….

I’ve come to the decision that I will put this blog on hold. I’m going on a hiatus! I guess? Basically, I won’t be posting regularly anymore. Instead, I’ll post when I have something I want to share with you, but it will be less frequent than before.

If you still want to receive updates on my writing journey, please consider subscribing to my email list! That is where I’ll send out monthly emails about my writing life and progress.

Before I leave, I just want to say thank you. Thank you for supporting me, for reading my rambling posts, and for following my crazy journey. ❤ I will pop in here every now and then, but until we see eachother again…


Alabama Rose

6 thoughts on “Roller Coaster Life & Blog Pause

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  1. Okay Bama! Good for you concentrating on your writing! I will miss your blog posts but I’m glad your doing what’s best for you.

    Your welcome! I love being apart of your life and being your friend. (And cousin)😉
    Hope your writing goes great!


  2. I will miss your frequent posts, but I know this is the best choice. I wish all the best with your writing. I will be following your writing journey through email, so see you there!


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