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Roller Coaster Life & Blog Pause

Life has been, well, it's been life. Crazy, roller coaster ride, ups and downs. As many of you know, I joined the Author program a few months ago. I've slowly been eliminating things in my life that have been taking up my time & adding stress, so I can have more focus on my work... Continue Reading →

FREE Event for Young Writers

If you are a writer determined to push through your novel, but you're just feeling stuck and annoyed... do not go anywhere. Because starting TODAY, a community just opened up for teen writers to get them out of their slump, called Crazy Writing Week. AND IT'S FREE. This is the community that brought me to... Continue Reading →

Life Has an Answer Key

Ever feel like you're just so lost? That life is too complicated—too stressful? That's me a lot. I don't understand how I'm supposed to be the person God wants me to be when there's just so much pain, so many mistakes.... I feel like I can never do it right. It would be nice to... Continue Reading →

Interview With R.M. Archer

Another interview today! This time we're with my friend Ariel, whom I met on Story Embers a couple years ago. (Wow. That's crazy! I still remember writing my introduction post on Story Embers in a cold sweat. 😅) Two years ago, I participated in her launch for The Mirror-Hunter Chronicles and now, in 2021, we're... Continue Reading →

Miss You

Way too much time has passed since I shared a story with you guys. So! Here's a short story I wrote a few weeks ago. 😊 Enjoy! I was only seventeen when my best friend gracefully took her father’s arm and walked down the long aisle, her destination a tall, blonde, beaming young man. It... Continue Reading →

Before It’s Gone

When trouble strikes, when sickness invades, when heartbreak ruins.... that's when we realize what we had. When we start finding the value in what we do have. But why do we wait to be thankful until we don't have it anymore? I struggle with finding the beauty in the little things. Often, I get into... Continue Reading →

Shards of Sky Cover Reveal

Today I'm excited to be apart of Emeline C. Colton's cover reveal. Emeline is a 14-year-old author releasing a new book called Shards of Sky. It's awesome to see another young author releasing a book! And let me just say.... THE COVER IS GORGEOUS. I adore the colour scheme. Before I share this beautiful book... Continue Reading →

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