Old Scribbles

Do you guys keep any of your old homework? Apparently my mom kept my writing booklet that I used when I was in public school in grade three. Tonight I got to read it and… *ahem*… it’s interesting, to say the least. Some of it I just had to read aloud to my dad to show him how nuts it is. But there’s some stuff in there that I definitely had to share! So here are snippets from that booklet that I’d hand in to my teacher a few times a week. (Yes, I left in all the grammar and spelling mistakes. Enjoy!)

(P.S I was about nine when I wrote these 😝)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dear Mrs. Gentes

this summer I got a babby rooster. And me and my sister took very good care of him. I went on a conoe trip and when I came back the rooster was not their. I asked my mom and she said “The niehbors dog came and ate the rooster and 5 big chickens, 9 chickes and a rooster,” But now we have 4 big chickens, no rooster and still nine chicks 😦

(True story!!)

March 7, 2013

The thing I could do differently is look around the class room all the time and clean up whatever. The thing you could help me with is my dividing and multiplying. I would like to sit beside a grade 4 boy that would not make me laugh!

(I always got in trouble for giggling too much with my friend, or whoever was sitting beside me.)

February 22, 2013

Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Tracy. She loved to explore all the islands in the world. But, of course, she did not get that far. All the time she was busy, she rememberd, when she was not busy she would ask to invite some kid over. One morning, at 4:00 she woke up, startled, “What could that be? Maybe a huge bear! Oh no!” Tracy whispered as she swung her feet off the tiny bed. Her mom was very grumpy because she lost her husband in a school that colapsed when he was teaching. So as tracy got out of bed she bonked the dresser than woke up her mom. But she did not know. After Tracy went out side her mom got out of bed and quicly ran down the stairs, made coffe, than got out a paint-brush and paint can and dressed up her house. Than tracy thought she was lost. She went into the house without knowing and explored the whole house. When she figured out it was her own house, she laughed so hard!!

(I don’t know where in my brain this story came from.)

Poem 1

The Nature
Trees nest the baby owl’s.
The wolves will howel.
To the moon in the night sky,
Whyile the people watch popeye!

(Whyile? Interesting.)

Poem 2

The Lake
What did the ocean say to the lake?
I’m bigger than you!
I do not care, people feed me stake!
Ow man, I have gross stew!


Poem 3

Girls think their gross.
Especially when they are up close.
But we must remember that there would be 15,0000000 bugs if it ain’t for ’em.
The bugs come out at 9:00 pm!

(Haha, okay…)

Dear ms. Gentes,

I am going to write about how you can do nothing! You always are doing something, like you said. I did nothing that means you did not breath, sit, talk, smell, eat, taste, smile, move a muscle, lay down. All those things you half to do at least twice a day! If not, than it would be hard to survive! It would probably be a world record!

(“Nothing” sure is interesting! ~Mrs. Gentes)

I hope you enjoyed these! And I also hope you were able to decipher my sentences through all the errors. 😝

Have a beautiful January day!

6 thoughts on “Old Scribbles

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  1. Hahaha I really enjoy reading through old writings. It’s a pretty humorous pastime πŸ˜‚
    Wow I had no idea my existence was so important to the universe! That’s a lot of bugs….


  2. Oh my this was the most entertaining thing I ever read. πŸ˜‚ You and I had similar minds at age nine. I mean how do you do nothing? What is β€œnothing”?

    Haha the spider one was my favorite!


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