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The Liebster Blog Award #4 and #5

The Rules:  1. Thank the person who nominated you, include a link to their blog, and add the Liebster Award badge to your blog and/or post. 2. Answer the eleven questions from the person who nominated you. 3. Give eleven random facts about yourself. 4. Nominate 5-11 fellow bloggers with less than 200 followers. 5.... Continue Reading →

Coral Block; A Story Snippet

I have a story to share with you today! During the month of October, a writing challenge called Inktober was held, where you write a short story every day based on the prompt. On the day I wrote this, the prompt was "Coral," and I believe the inspiration of my story will be fairly obvious.... Continue Reading →

5 Resources Every Young Writer Needs

Heyyyyy people! Today I want to share some things that've hugely impacted my writing life. Let's jump in. 😉 Abbie Emmons's YouTube Channel I've heard plenty of people talking about how great this channel is, but I never really got around to checking it out. Too bad I hadn't looked into it sooner! I encountered... Continue Reading →

Author Interview: Kellyn Roth

This morning I'm here with a young author and writing coach, Kellyn Roth! She's the author of The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy series along with The Kees and Colliers series. She'll also soon be releasing a new book to her series, called Becoming Miss Knight. You can pre-order that here! Meet Kellyn "Kellyn Roth... Continue Reading →

Nueva en Cuba

What? A post in Spanish?! Sí, mis amigas. I'm learning Spanish (very slowly), and so I decided it'd be fun to 'write' a story in Spanish! It didn't work, of course, but... well, how about using a translator? (Yes, I cheated. 😂) Alright, let's jump into the short story! Nueva en Cuba; Espanol Mis pies... Continue Reading →

Character Interview: Carlos

This morning I'm back, bringing another character from Oxygen along with me! Carlos. This guy... well, he gets on my nerves sometimes. But the story would be drastically different if he wasn't involved (almost as drastic as the differences in personalities between Carlos and Mizuko. 😉 You'll see what I mean.) Meet Carlos Interviewer: Good... Continue Reading →

Looking into 2021

I have no idea how to introduce this post. So many thoughts about this year.... and so many questions for the new one! I guess I'll start by saying this: Without my family, surviving this year would have been 1,000x harder than it was. Honestly, my family drew a lot closer this year than any... Continue Reading →

My Favourite Reads of 2020

This year I had a little bit more time to read than normal. 😉 But before I dive into my list of favourites, I gotta say something... I totally forgot Rule 7 of The Writerly Sibling Tag. OOPS. "Rule Seven: Close out the post making some statement or other glorifying the King of kings." Well, I... Continue Reading →

Summing Up 2020

I know, I know—I sort of promised that I wouldn't be posting anymore until after Christmas. But then when Danny commented on one of my old posts, I'm remembered posting Summing Up 2019, Favourite Reads of 2019, and Looking into 2020. And I realized I should do those types of posts again! (You can find... Continue Reading →

I’m a One-Year-Old Author!

Last year, on December 15, 2019, 367 days ago.... I published my first book. The Bruised Dream was born into the world! I can't believe it's been a whole year. Where did the time ago? How have I been an author for a year!? Here are a few photos from last year... My author copy!... Continue Reading →

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