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FREE Event for Young Writers

If you are a writer determined to push through your novel, but you're just feeling stuck and annoyed... do not go anywhere. Because starting TODAY, a community just opened up for teen writers to get them out of their slump, called Crazy Writing Week. AND IT'S FREE. This is the community that brought me to... Continue Reading →

A Glimpse into My Life (+ hatching chicks!)

Good evening! What have you all been up to? Today I want to share some pictures of what I've been doing lately. Because... I never really do that. πŸ˜‰ What you'll find in this post Cute pictures of baby chicks hatching!A gorgeous skyFlowerssssPainting Easter eggs!My cute 2 year old sisterMy new story + updates on... Continue Reading →

Interview With R.M. Archer

Another interview today! This time we're with my friend Ariel, whom I met on Story Embers a couple years ago. (Wow. That's crazy! I still remember writing my introduction post on Story Embers in a cold sweat. πŸ˜…) Two years ago, I participated in her launch for The Mirror-Hunter Chronicles and now, in 2021, we're... Continue Reading →

Coral Block; A Story Snippet

I have a story to share with you today! During the month of October, a writing challenge called Inktober was held, where you write a short story every day based on the prompt. On the day I wrote this, the prompt was "Coral," and I believe the inspiration of my story will be fairly obvious.... Continue Reading →

5 Resources Every Young Writer Needs

Heyyyyy people! Today I want to share some things that've hugely impacted my writing life. Let's jump in. πŸ˜‰ Abbie Emmons's YouTube Channel I've heard plenty of people talking about how great this channel is, but I never really got around to checking it out. Too bad I hadn't looked into it sooner! I encountered... Continue Reading →

I’m a One-Year-Old Author!

Last year, on December 15, 2019, 367 days ago.... I published my first book. The Bruised Dream was born into the world! I can't believe it's been a whole year. Where did the time ago? How have I been an author for a year!? Here are a few photos from last year... My author copy!... Continue Reading →

A Writer’s Guide to Camping

Rewind years back, people wrote on paper. And now, a lot of us write on computers. Because it's easier. My goal these past few months has been to write 100 words a day, every day. But what about when you leave wifi? Go camping? Traveling? (These are weird problems, but they are real.) You still... Continue Reading →

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