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Roller Coaster Life & Blog Pause

Life has been, well, it's been life. Crazy, roller coaster ride, ups and downs. As many of you know, I joined the Author program a few months ago. I've slowly been eliminating things in my life that have been taking up my time & adding stress, so I can have more focus on my work... Continue Reading →

Life Has an Answer Key

Ever feel like you're just so lost? That life is too complicated—too stressful? That's me a lot. I don't understand how I'm supposed to be the person God wants me to be when there's just so much pain, so many mistakes.... I feel like I can never do it right. It would be nice to... Continue Reading →

RED49: The Power of Fire

That title. *shivers* I still have no idea what just happened in the past month. It feels like a year since I was writing on this blog, saying I'd be taking a little break from blogging. And I don't think that I could've picked a better time to have an interlude, even though I didn't... Continue Reading →

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