20 Questions Book Tag

I love books. And now I found a tag about books. So I stole it from R. M. Archer. 😁 (Thanks, by the way! I liked your post so I thought I'd... steal it. Yep, sorry. 😉) Anyway, you can find Archer's blog up at the link up there 👆. Her blog is really cool,... Continue Reading →

The Kees and Colliers Blog Tour!

This week I'm part of a blog tour! Kellyn Roth is launching a series called Kees & Colliers. There are five books in the series, including two prequels. I'm doing an author interview with Kellyn, but before we do that I'll give you an introduction to the series. The Lady of the Vineyard Is it... Continue Reading →

The Liebster Blog Award

My first time being tagged in this!! Whoohooo!!! The Rules: Acknowledge the blogger that gave it to you and display the award. Answer eleven questions the blogger gave you. Give eleven random thoughts about yourself. Nominate eleven other blogs and notify them of their nominations. Let's Go! To begin with, I'd like to thank Archer... Continue Reading →

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