Facing The Cook’s Wrath

Have you ever had to face someone's fury no matter how much you DID NOT WANT TO???  It's horrible. Trust me. I'll tell you my story, and hopefully, you can take something from it today, and walk away with something new to think about. Or maybe its not new, maybe you've had to do something like this... Continue Reading →


Red Lake (my hometown) is a convenient place to shop for many remote Northern reservations. Because of this, they stop for a bite to eat at the Howey quite often. Because of the remoteness of their communities, they are still fluent in Ojibwe, their first language. In Ojibwe, to speak clearly, you don't have to... Continue Reading →

Serviette, Anybody??

This is a journal entry I made in the summer: **** Wednesday, April 18, 2018 I am a waitress at the local restaurant called the Howey. I started there a couple weeks ago, so I'm still pretty new. I'm underage to serve drinks, so whenever someone asks for a Palm Bay or Budweiser, obviously I just... Continue Reading →

Miracle Worker

I knew He was near. His Presence followed him, encompassed Him, and I knew the Messiah was coming my way. My old, sightless eyes stared out into the busy city, seeing only the depth of blackness; all I had ever known. It was said the Messiah could perform miracles, although I'd only heard that from... Continue Reading →

Planting A Seed

A couple of months ago I wrote something in my journal that I would like to share with you just as something to encourage those out there who feel like they aren't accomplishing anything for the Lord.  March 9, 2018 We were packed into the big truck, on our way to the church. Krista, Lisa,... Continue Reading →

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