Character Interview: Mizuko

Here comes the promised interview with the main character of Oxygen, my current work-in-progress.

Meet Mizuko

Mizuko: *walks in the room awkwardly, with hands in his pockets*

Interviewer: Hello there, Mizuko! Or, should I say hola?

Mizuko: *hesitantly takes a seat* No, I don’t really speak palace dialect—I mean, Spanish.

Interviewer: Alright, then. Well, I guess we’ll start with your age! How old are you?

Mizuko: I’m fifteen, sir.

Interviewer: Fifteen! You’re quite tall for that age. But I’m sure you hear that a lot.

Mizuko: *shrugs* Sometimes. It certainly has its advantages, being tall.

Interviewer: That makes sense! So what was your childhood like when you were growing up?

Mizuko: *shifts uncomfortably* Um, lots of wandering around, taking walks. I guess.

Interviewer: Now, if I understand correctly, half (or at least most) of your life, you stole money from other people in the slums of the Dome. Some have said that you were forced to do it. Do you have anything to say about that?

Mizuko: I wasn’t forced.

Interviewer: But it’s true that you didn’t want to steal from anyone?

Mizuko: .

Interviewer: Ah, so you do speak palace dialect after all?

Mizuko: *unaware he’d spoken it* Um, I only know a few words. But I do slip into it sometimes.

Interviewer: Interesting. *looks at notes* Do you have any hobbies?

Mizuko: Not yet, but one day I’ll learn the Spanish guitar, and then I will have a hobby.

Interviewer: That sounds like a great idea! Do you have any love interests? A special someone?

Mizuko: *blinks* No, sir.

Interviewer: *wiggles eyebrows* Ahh, are you sure about that?

Mizuko: *stares back*

Interviewer: Ahem, well, that’s interesting. What is your main goal in life?

Mizuko: To keep my little sister safe.

Interviewer: You certainly didn’t hesitate on that one! How noble! I do hope you fulfill that goal excellently. What is your sister like? How old is she?

Mizuko: She’s…. she’s six years old, and the prettiest little thing in the Dome. She’s sweet and brave. I—I couldn’t live without her.

Interviewer: *studies Mizuko’s solemn face* She sounds wonderful.

Mizuko: She is.

Interviewer: Who would you say is your best friend—besides your sister?

Mizuko: Best friend….? I think that would be a boy that I met in the slums. We’re pretty close. Sometimes.

Interviewer: I heard a little about your relationship! You didn’t start out friends, did you?

Mizuko: *glances down* No. But there’s a lot that’s changed since then. A lot.

Interviewer: Glad to hear it! Change is good! Well, that’s all for today! Thanks for joining us, Mizuko.

Mizuko: *nods and slips out without saying goodbye*

The end! Well, I can’t say he’s the chattiest kid in the Dome, but… he has his good qualities.

I hope you enjoyed reading the interview! If you have any other questions about Mizuko, feel free to drop a comment and he’ll try to reply as best he can. (Although he has been warned not to reveal any spoilers.) 😉

7 thoughts on “Character Interview: Mizuko

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  1. That was awesome, Bama!!!!!!!!! Love it!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    When the interviewer asked Mizu if he has a love interest… *chuckles* … totally made me laugh at the thought. Not that I can’t imagine him liking someone (I actually can quite easily), but it’s funny thinking how he would act around her. 😉 😀

    And I love the picture you have for him. He’s awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ya, Mizu can’t really help but be sweet. 😉 Unless he’s stealing from others… Lol. But he had a reason for that… though maybe it doesn’t excuse it. 😛


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