It’s July—And I’m Alive!

Guysssss I didn’t even die! Airsoft will not be my cause of death—or at least, not yet. 😉 And so I can be here today to tell you all…

Happy Canada Day! And in a few days, Independence Day! I still can’t believe it’s July already. Summer is going by quickly!

So, I promised you all an update on what I’ve accomplished this week. After that, I’m going to name off my goals for the month of July, because I think that’ll keep me accountable if I know I have to admit to everyone I failed. 😉

Onto the goals of last week!

1. Memorize Romans 12

Ok yeah I did not accomplish this one… *coughs* I started and got a few verses down, but I was NOT as focused on it as I should’ve been. This goal will get carried on to this month’s, and then I can spend more time on it! And if I don’t, I need you all to attack me with messages and keep me accountable. Not kidding.

2. Crochet another teddy bear

Mission accomplished!

Here’s my new little baby:

During surgery. His limbs were a little… unattached.
All put together!
Hiding in the flower basket 😉

Any name suggestions?

3. Practice Morse Code

Well, kinda accomplished. Not as much as I would’ve liked, but I did do some. So I guess… half-accomplished? I’ll need to work on that some more!

4. Get beta readers for The Healing Pain (and change the title)

Mission accomplished! The Healing Pain (yes, I decided that I liked the title) has gone through beta readers and is now entered into the contest! I don’t know when the results come in for the winner, but I don’t mind not winning. It was a fun story to write, plus my beta readers were AWESOME!

5. Play airsoft with my brothers

Heh… heh… um, yes I did. And I’m here, in the flesh. Well I guess not the flesh since this is a blog but I am actually still alive. Or… maybe not… It was super hot and sweaty in all our gear, and the mosquitoes were having a feast, but other than that, it was…


And I let my brothers shoot me twice in the back to see what it felt like, which actually wasn’t so bad. So far, no welts.

Us getting ready to play

We looked pretty stupid—or at least, I did—but I did NOT want to get shot. Especially in the face. Our masks… *dies laughing* But it was fun.

So I got some of my goals done! It was a fun week, for sure. I’m still deciding what to do with that teddy bear, but I suppose something will come up.

On to my goals for the month of July!

1. Write 100 words of Oxygen every day

I think this is doable!

2. Read 5 books

I’m not sure exactly if I’ll be able to do this. We’ll see!

3. Finish that huge puzzle

It’s big… for me. I’m gonna need to recruit my mom for this one! But I think I can do it in a month.

4. Write 2 short stories

Me: Yeah! Short, right? I can do this. I can keep it short.

Also me: *smirks* Oh, shoooooort?

Me: *nervous laughter* Yeah, short.

Also me: Just like you kept Oxygen short? At 43,000 words? That kind of short?

Me: Go away.

5. Finish Farmer Boy with my mom

We started this so long ago, but haven’t finished it yet. That’ll change!

6. Crochet 2 teddy bears

Why not? It’s so fun, and it gives me something to do during audiobooks.

7. Spend 2 hours on Duolingo

I’ve been keeping up my streak, but not spending much time on it! So, Spanish, here I come! ¡Cuidado!

8. Brainstorm what courses to take for Grade Twelve

Hip. Hip. Hooray. Because I absolutely LOVE planning my future. Because I know exactly what I’m gonna do when I graduate.

Ok, but seriously, how am I ever going to plan my future!? It’s so hard!

Anyway, gotta do that sometime, so may as well be this month.

That’s it for now! For those of you who read to the end of this long post, congratulations. You were with me until the end. 😉

Have a great week, everybody! May the Lord be with you and keep you and make His face shine upon you.

Alabama Rose

10 thoughts on “It’s July—And I’m Alive!

Add yours

  1. Man, Bama, that was a funny post. Lol. 😉 I loved your pictures of Mr. Teddy, and I think he’s super cute! (I really need to work more on my bears, but it’s hard for me because summer is busy, and I don’t have any audio books to listen to. And Mommy isn’t reading any school books to us now, so they’ve sorta gone astray. 😉 😛 Lol.

    But congrats… 😉 … on your post and what you accomplished. *Thumbs up*

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ya, Theodore would be super cute!!!! I like it.

    I want to put the library app onto the phone so I can have some, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. I probably still wouldn’t be able (or wouldn’t make it a priority) to listen to them a lot, but I could still listen while I mowed yards with Evan. That’s always more enjoyable, though it can be unhandy to not be able to hear your surroundings.


    1. True! Real books are a lot more fun to read, and easier to focus on. But I’m finding that I can go through the books quicker if I listen to them—mostly because there are so many things I can do while listening. Number one: playing with the baby, who always wants attention. 😉 So I can still play with her while ‘reading.’ Haha, it’s fun! But I definitely still prefer books!

      Haha, I tried listening to an audiobook while mowing, but I think I need better headphones! I couldn’t hear a thing! 😂

      Theodore it is, then! 😉


  3. Yup, books will never be beat. 😉 But I see what you mean, and if I listened to audiobooks while I mowed, I’d be able to “read” way more, even though I only mow a couple times a week, it’s still a couple hours every time.

    That’s really funny about the earbuds!!!! Lol. Technically the earbuds I use aren’t even mine, but I use them all the time, since Mommy doesn’t care. I do want to get some of my own though, now that Evan and I have a phone.

    Great! I can be annoying and call him Theo instead of Teddy, just to get on your nerves. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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