A Taste of Sunshine (and a contest called Prompted)

Good morning everyone! Today I have a story… because I haven’t shared one of my own stories for like ages and it’s about time I be brave.

So my friend Cassandra Hamm runs a contest called Prompted, and it’s so fun! She gives prompts and then you write a short story and send it in. It’s awesome! Anyway, her last one was about light—the taste of sunshine.

I thought I’d share my entry with you, just for fun. (It’s a slightly different version than my original entry, though.) I haven’t shared many stories recently, heh, heh… *ahem* Ok, here goes!

The sound of a plane buzzing overhead sent me back on my stomach, and my heart pounded as I rolled over to hide in the bushes. The festering wound in my leg burned from the motion and I gritted my teeth to keep from crying out.

Burying my face in the dirt, I held still until the noise of the plane was far in the distance. I must be getting too close to enemy lines. But it wouldn’t matter, because I wouldn’t last long enough to get there.

Something smacked on my head and I jumped, a spasm of pain shooting through me. When I looked down, I saw a fat, plump peach lying in the dirt. For the first time in a week, a flicker of hope rose up in my chest. I craned my neck up into the tree I was hiding under—it was dangling with more of the fruit. Eagerly, I grabbed the fruit on the ground and I bit into it, moaning. The sweet juice sat in my mouth for a few seconds before I swallowed, relishing the flavour. Surely, this was what sunshine tasted like. And now I would make it home.

So, yup, there it is. 🙃 It’s very short, but it’s fun to write! I encourage you guys to check out the Prompted contest and maybe think about entering? It’s great!

OK, this post is super duper short, so how about a funny quote?

This is a quote I found on Quote Fancy:

The real trouble with reality is that there is no background music.


Isn’t that the truth… haha. 😂

Well, I hope you all have a great week and may the Lord shine His face down upon you!


Alabama Rose

(Until next time!)

(Don’t forget to check out the Prompted contest! It’s super fun!)

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