This Was Supposed To Be A Facebook Tag…

Ok, so there’s this art tag going around Facebook and I got tagged for it three days ago. It’s a really fun tag, but… *mutters* I really don’t like posting on Facebook. Is that weird? I mean, I like certain things about FB, but posting isn’t my favourite thing.

And I was thinking, what if I just did the whole tag on here and turn it into a blog tag? Is that criminal? Hopefully not… *coughs*

This is the tag:

Day 3 of 10 (thanks for the nomination *whoever nominated you*)
Everyday, select an image from your life as a performer/artist and post it without explanation, then nominate somebody to take the challenge. That’s 10 days, 10 photos and 0 explanations. Be active, be positive, be passionate. Raise awareness of the Arts. Today I nominate *tag someone* to join along!

I’m going to share all ten photos on here today, and tag ten people. You can do it on your blog, FB, Instagram, whatever you want!

First of all, thanks for tagging me, Mom! ❤️

My Ten Photos:

I’m Tagging:

  1. Anyone who draws
  2. Anyone who sings
  3. Anyone who paints
  4. Anyone who takes pictures
  5. Anyone who writes
  6. Anyone who plays an instrument
  7. Anyone who carves
  8. And everyone!

Who can say what art is? Noah Litle discusses this over at Lionhearted Art, Chalice’s super awesome blog (her art is AMAZING, btw 😍). Noah’s post was so interesting to read. He talks about how there are so many different kinds of art, and how we really define art at all. If you wanna check it out, here’s the link:

So, I’m tagging anybody who is reading this, because you are artistic. Go ahead and share a few photos of your art! It doesn’t have to be ten. Have fun!

5 thoughts on “This Was Supposed To Be A Facebook Tag…

Add yours

    1. Thank you! 😁 Yeah, I got my friend to dress up as a ranger and took a picture, then drew it. It was so much fun!
      Your welcome! I really enjoyed that post!!


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