My New Work-In-Progress

I’ve been working on a new story this month. I’m not sure how long it’ll end up being or when I’ll finish, but the process has been so fun! I wanted to share a clip with you guys. 🙂 So far it’s called Oxygen, and my main character is a boy named Mizuko.

Here’s a short glimpse of what it’s about.


“What did they say?” I asked Diego.

“Nothing, Mizuko. You won’t believe me. I gotta go.” He brushed past me and was about to run, but my hand shot out and caught his arm. It really was handy to be the tallest.

“Excuse me, señor? What did the men say?”

He stopped and pulled his arm free from my grasp. “Do you know what the 4th Scroll Law says?”

How in the Dome did he know what was written in the Scroll Laws? “Sí, probably something about what we can’t do.”

“It is the law that says nobody can leave the Dome. Ever.”

That made sense. Leaving the massive glass sphere we lived in would cause disaster for everyone. We called our world the Dome, but I think “orb” was better fitting. For years, nobody had ever left. How could you? Firstly, breaking the glass (or finding another alternative) would be nothing short of a miracle. Then to survive the water pressure thousands of metres under the ocean would also take some preparation and skill.

“Sí, but what does that have to do with the men?”

“They said…” His face was turning pale. “They said they’re going to explode the Dome.”


It’s been so fun to write! It’s almost in the sci-fi genre, but I’m not completely convinced about that yet. Anyway, it’s different than the contemporary I normally write!

(I might do a character interview with Mizuko sometime, which would be super interesting to try.)

Here’s the cover I designed for now:

So yeah! I’m pretty excited about it! 😁

(P.S. What about you? How are your WIP’s coming along? What genres do you write in normally?)

6 thoughts on “My New Work-In-Progress

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  1. Man, Bama, your story looks awesome! I mean, I know what it’s about, but the cover is amazing! Awesome job. : ) >


  2. That is an awesome cover! I can’t wait to hear more about this WIP. This is intriguing. Good luck!


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