Orange Juice Mornings

Hey guys! I didn’t really get around to writing up a nice post, so today I’ll just tell you a little tale about meself. And I figured since I’ve been doing so many tags lately, it’ll be a nice change. 🙂 (I only have one tag left so far. That’s coming next week.)

NOW. *adjusts spectacles* How do you feeeel about orange juice? That will be the discussion today. The desire for orange juice may lead to acts of haste. So watch out. It sneaks up on you.

Prepare you hearts for the orange juice lesson that is to come…

Once upon a time…

in a small, grungy old hotel…

there was me. and my family.

And um, yep, we were having breakfast. Continental breakfast. The morning wasn’t really goin’ so swell; there was absolutely NO protein to eat (all they had was cereal, pastries, and um, cereal), and it was really loud in the dining room, and the lady who was preparing the food was not in the best of moods. In fact, she seemed upset that we would even expect food in a continental breakfast.

Anyway, we were on our way out, and I wanted to grab some juice to go. I went over to one of those thing-a-ma-jigs, like a juice dispenser (a little different than a vending machine) and looked at my options. Water, cranberry, apple juice or—oh, there was a piece of paper taped in front of the last label. I lifted it. Mm, orange juice. I slipped my cup under the tap and pushed the OJ button. It poured into my cup. Ew, it looked disgustingly watered down. I grimaced. Not a huge surprise considering that lady’s temper. I shrugged and took a hesitant sip just as my younger brother came up to me.

I made a face and set down the plastic cup. “Do not try the orange juice. It’s awful.”

My brother looked into my cup. “Yuck!” He glanced up at the dispenser and his lips curled. “It says Out of Order, Alabama!” He doubled over, laughing. “How did you not see that?”

I moved my hand away. I was still holding that paper up so I could see the label. In truth, I’d barely acknowledged it was there. Now I saw that it clearly read, “Out of Order.”

After recovering from my laughter, I settled with apple juice instead.


In your haste for orange juice, do not overlook what is right in front of you. *bows*

~Good day~

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