Guest Post with Tia!

Good morning everyone!

I would like to introduce my older sister, Tia. She doesn’t blog much, but when she had an awesome adventure this summer she typed it up and I asked if she’d allow me to share it on my blog.

So here we are!

Her job in the summer is clearing trails. She goes on a week-long canoe trip with a partner and together they clear the trails. One specific week they had a crazy encounter.

Alright, Tia. Take it away!

“Let’s get out of here!”

Splash! Instantly my eyes and ears were open and my senses on alert. Any thoughts of sleep I had flown from my mind. It was my last trip for the season, and my partner and I had just spent the day slugging our canoe through waist-deep bog. Toward the end of the day, the so-called “river” got too shallow for us to drag our canoe any further, and we had to set up camp along the bank. I was on one side of the stream and my partner on the other. Now I wished we were closer together.

I could still hear the animal softly splashing in the water. Then as I listened I heard it coming up on the grassy bank, coming closer, and closer. My heart was racing at 100 miles a minute and I was getting ready to call for my partner when I heard a loud “huff!” 

It was then that I knew what kind of animal was outside my tent. A bear!

“Mat!” I called for my partner, trying my best to not sound hysterical. “Mat, please wake up!” 

Again, and again I called for him… no response. I laid back down in the darkness and listened, hoping that my calling for Mat had scared it away. The noise of the bear creeping closer assured me it hadn’t.

“Mat, please wake up, I need you!” My cries were gaining a desperate edge as I tried for what felt like hours to wake him up. 

Tears were streaming down my face as I laid back down on my sleeping bag. Staring up at the dark, I began to sing, hoping to soothe my anxiety.

A loud cough exploded out of my throat, interrupting my fear-laced tunes. I’d had this cold for way too long. Apparently that was the key to awakening my dead-to-the-world partner, Mat.

“Hey! Are you alright over there?” His sleepy voice called out to me with concern.

All I could do was laugh with hysteric relief. I tried to explain the dilemma. “Mat! I think there’s a bear outside.”

“Are you sure? Let’s listen for a minute to find out where he is.”

We listened. I kept my body still and tried to be as quiet as possible.

A cracking twig outside, along with another huffing sound, told us I hadn’t been mistaken.

I heard the sound of a tent zipper as Mat crawled out. A flashlight beam hit my tent. My eyes squinted.

“I’m just gonna start the chainsaw to scare him away. And maybe just us talking will work, too.

He started up the chainsaw and thus began our long night.

After a few hours, we thought the bear had finally relocated.

Until the next morning...

I woke up that morning to Mat shouting at something. I shot up out of bed.

“Hey, Tia! Let’s get out of here! This bear just growled at me.”

We saw tracks all around both of our tents. 

Needless to say, we bolted out of that area as quickly as we could.

The good thing is that we both survived and had a story to tell. 😉

Haha, living in Canada, eh?

Thanks Tia!

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