Beautiful Things

Have you ever seen a forest after a massive fire has swept through?

It’s sobering.

The ground is covered in ash, the trees are blackened with heat. Rocks are left cracked and delicate. You drop a rock and it shatters. A boulder that was once strong, now defenseless after the flames.

All the destruction… and yet, the trees are left standing. They are still there. Maybe not as healthy and strong as before.

But they come back.

Our blueberry patch is completely gone. The whole thing. There isn’t a single berry to pick. We won’t be getting berries from that patch this year, but I’m not worried.


Because in two or three years, we will have the best, fattest, yummiest tasting berries than ever before in that patch. There will be tons!

For that blueberry patch to be healthier, it needed to face the flame. Yes, it still would’ve grown without the fire.

But with it? It will flourish.

That’s like us. We face hardships in our life that are certainly not enjoyable, but they make us or break us. The Lord pulls us through, he helps us endure it.

And after the fire, he starts making beautiful things.

It doesn’t take long for green shoots to pop up out of the ground. Healthy and lively.

Jesus loves making beautiful things. I mean, he created you, didnt he? 😉

Check out this song, Beautiful Things, by Gungor.

Jesus wants to make beautiful things out of the ashes in your life.

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