Prank Gone Wrong

One night my sister and I thought it’d be a good laugh to put a letter into someone’s coat pocket while it was hanging on the coat racks at church…

“We should write on it ‘God thinks of you as His little princess!’ and put it into a boy’s coat!” I said to Tia.

We giggled and tried to think who to give the note to. We finally decided that our uncle would be the perfect victim. He’s good at taking a joke.

So on Sunday morning, before we went to church, we wrote out the little note (In princess-ey pink, of course) and folded it up.

Then after Sunday School, before the service, my sister and I went to the coat racks.

That was when we realized the error in our plan…


Now we either had to completely ditch the plan or make a random guess.

Since we didn’t want to do either of them, we decided to let our cousin in on the secret and ask which was his dad’s.

He looked at them, and thought a bit, then shrugged, “I have no idea.”

Great! Now what!

We couldn’t stop laughing at how absurd the situation was. We had a brilliant idea and it was foiled by our lack of ability to observe or remember at least what colour it was.

Then we decided to ask our uncle’s other son about the coat.

He walked over and browsed through them thoughtfully, trying to remember. Then he pointed to one. “Pretty sure it’s that one,”

“Pretty sure?” my sister questioned with uncertainty. 🤔

“Well, just put it in there,” I said with a shrug.

So we slipped it into the pocket and sat down for the sermon.

Later that day our uncle stopped by to pick up their runaway dog, Silver.

My sister grinned. “Did you find our note?”

“What note?” He asked, puzzled. We burst into giggles and explained that a note about being God’s princess was in an unknown man’s coat pocket.

“There were a bunch of visitors today too!” Our uncle commented after he finished laughing.

“That could be bad,” I chuckled, hoping whoever got it would not be too creeped out.

To this day we do not know who has received our prank. 😝

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