Miracle Worker

I knew He was near. His Presence followed him, encompassed Him, and I knew the Messiah was coming my way.

My old, sightless eyes stared out into the busy city, seeing only the depth of blackness; all I had ever known.

It was said the Messiah could perform miracles, although I’d only heard that from a fellow beggar, who’d heard it from a prostitute. No telling where she’d heard it from.

But it was my only hope. “Lord,” My voice was hoarse and scratchy. “Restore my sight.” My prayer was a desperate one.

Who’d ever heard of a blind man seeing again? Yet I’d never seen at all. But if all I’d heard was true, the Messiah was able.

When the noises in the city grew louder, I knew He was approaching.

More voices, more activity, the crowd of followers was rounding the bend. I waited in ancient anticipation; my hope renewed. Soon they’d be in the damp, dark alley in which I sat. Where I’d sat for as long as I could remember. What reason did I have to use these old, frail bones and move only to find hate and distaste from the people of the village?

Then suddenly they were there, standing before me. “Rabbi,” I heard a man speak. It must be a follower. “Why is this man blind? Has he done wrong?”

Was the follower of the Messiah speaking of me? An old, sightless beggar? I held my breath, waiting. Was I blind because of something I had done or was still to do?

Then I heard the Messiah speak. His voice was soothing, yet slightly reprimanding. “It isn’t his fault. He was made blind to show the power of the Lord.”

I was puzzled. How would I be an example of His power? Yet I believed it somehow.

Then the man, or was He a man?, smeared something over both of my eyes. Something cold and wet. “Now wash in the pool of Siloam.”

I was overjoyed. The Messiah had touched me! Me, a dirty beggar not worth anyone’s time.

I found and washed obediently in the pool with the assistance of a man who must be a follower. What would happen to me? And what was on my eyes?

Once I had rinsed off, I stood, waiting for something to happen. The people gathered around stayed silent, not sure what to expect. I only knew they were there because of the scuffling in the dirt.

Then, before I could understand what was happening, something bright pierced my eyes, sending pain shooting through my head.

I cried out and fell on my knees, covering my eyes with my wet hands.

What was happening to me?

Slowly I adjusted to the light and my eyes flickered open. I gaped at what I saw. For indeed I did see. The first time I knew the meaning of colour.

The refreshing water I was kneeling in was a beautiful sparkling blue. Trees sprouted from the land, their full leaves weighing them down. A crowd of people stood near, watching me with their mouths ajar.

The brightness, the yellow hue, must be coming from that indescribable thing; the sun. Nobody had ever been able to explain it to me, no matter how hard they tried. The only thing they could say was that it was the cause of the heat blisters I so often had.

I looked around me, seeing the crowd of people again, and for the first time, I saw Him. The Man; the Rabbi. His eyes were a sparkling mystery of warm brown as he watched my face light up. He was smiling at me.

The Messiah truly could do miracles.

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